EMSP Documents

EMSP repositry of MS policy initiatives


EMSP shares a list of MS relevant policy initiatives which took place between 2011 and 2016. This repository will be...

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IMPRESS study on multiple sclerosis


This ongoing study led by the London School of Economics is exploring the social economic costs, quality of life and...

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Info Guide – EMSP 2016 Spring Conference


Find a compilation of practical EMSP 2016 Spring Conference information.

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EMSP 2016 Annual Conference – Agenda


The EMSP 2016 Annual Conference offers a dynamic mix of presentations, interaction and entertainment for our constituency, partners and supporters.

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State of MS – Update report


The 2016 updated version of the State of MS Report, a comprehensive survey on treatment expectations, patient input into related...

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EMSP Young People’s Conference – Activities description


Find a summary of activities to be expected at EMSP’s Young People’s Conference organised during our 2016 Annual Conference, between...

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EMSP Young People’s Conference: Call for Applications


Find all you need to know about applying for a bursary at EMSP’s 2016 Young People’s Conference taking place during...

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Believe and Achieve – CZ Internship III


EMSP and corporate partners Novartis have made a new paid internship position available for a young person living with MS in...

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