MS Awareness Run 2024


Register before 23 April  & Join the MS Awareness Run Team in the Brussels 20k 

Exciting news! We are gearing up for the MS Awareness Run at the Brussels 20k, and it’s happening on Sunday, May 26th, 2024!! Whether you’re a running enthusiast, prefer a leisurely walk, or use other ways to be mobile, there’s a spot for you on the EMSP Team at the Brussels 20k! 

This event is all about spreading awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and showing how exercise can make a huge difference in the lives of people living with MS. 

Here’s why you should join us: 

  • Raise your voice for the MS community: Spread MS awareness far and widewe’re not just talking to Brussels – we’re talking to communities everywhere. Get ready to inspire and empower! 
  • Raise Funds for a Worthy cause: It’s time to show your fundraising skills! Launch your own campaign with a minimum goal of €100. Every Euro will go towards supporting the activities dedicated to empowering the MS communities led by EMSP. 
  • Connect with Cool Peers: Say hello to meet fellow young MS advocates from across Europe. Trust us, you’re gonna make some awesome new friends! 
  • Have a Blast! Whether you’re pounding the pavement, wheeling your way or taking a leisurely stroll, it’s all about celebrating inclusivity, challenging yourself, and having a ton of fun along the way. 
  • Join our One Million Minds advocacy initiative

As official member of the Team, you’ll also receive an MS Awareness Run 2024 T-shirt for the run and join the Team post- event to celebrate your times!  

Don’t wait – register before 23 April using the form below! 

MS Awareness Run 2024: Practical Information 

Registration deadline: Thursday, April 23, 2024

📅 Date and time of the Brussels 20k: Sunday, May 26, 2024 

🕘 9am meeting with the EMSP team (Group Photo📷) 

🕙 9:30am start of the Handisport Category of the Brussels 20km 

🕙 10:00am start of the Brussels 20km 

📍 Meeting point: Cinquantenaire Park at Move SEP stand 

💝Fundraising: Each participant undertakes to raise a minimum €100 via a fundraising page to support the work of EMSP

👕Complimentary T-Shirt: A complimentary (free) MS Awareness Run T-Shirt will be provided onsite to the registered participants. 

💶Registration Fee: EMSP will cover the registration fees of €28 for the registered team members.

✈️🛏️Travel & Accommodation: Registered team members are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

You can participate by walking, or rolling with a wheelchair, handbike tricycle, or even a specially adapted hippocampus. 

Wheelchair pusher/attendant support is accepted for those with reduced mobility, so please register your caregiver or friend too! Please note: Due to the additional options for participation, the route completion time has been extended by 1 hour. This means it will take 5 hours instead of 4 hours. 

Join EMSP at the MS Awareness Run and Raise 100€ to Support Our Work 

The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) has set a fundraising target of €100 per runner.  Every runner needs to create their fundraising page on the EMSP MS Awareness Run Campaign Platform and commit to raise a minimum of €100 euros by the end of the run.

EMSP will cover the registration fees of €28 for the registered team members. A complimentary MS Awareness Run T-Shirt will be provided onsite to the registered participants.

The funds raised will contribute to EMSP’s activities aimed at improving the quality of life of the people with Multiple Sclerosis across the European Region. More specifically, the funds collected in 2024 will serve to support EMSP’s Initiatives. 

EMSP’s One Million Minds campaign highlights a call for action to the Members of the European Parliament, other European institutions and national authorities to improve the quality of care and lives of people with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions in Europe. We’re asking future European parliament members to sign EMSP’s pledge on Quality Access to Care for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Conditions and to commit to action during their mandate of 2024-2029. 

EMSP organises activities so our members and Young MS advocates can connect and combine their efforts against the inequalities across Europe. This year, activities will include: 

  • EMSP’s manifesto is an urgent call to address the unmet needs faced by over 1.2 million individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS) across Europe. The ongoing campaign raise awareness about the issues and encourage the community to sign the petition “Quality Access to Care for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Conditions” 
  • Organising workshops/ webinars for members to highlight the collaborative efforts needed at both the EU and national levels to address the multifaceted challenges faced by people living with MS. 
  • Young MS advocates champion inclusion in decision-making at national and EU levels, supported by EMSP. They actively contribute to the European patients’ movement through meetings, events, and impactful social media campaigns. 

By participating in the 20km of Brussels with EMSP, you will help: 

  • Offering a creative platform for the young people with MS to raise awareness on MS and advocate for a better quality of life.  
  • Consolidate the YPN community activities such as a peer-to-peer network where young people can share their experience, benefit from self-development tools 
  •  Support the development of young people so they are ready to influence public health and social policies. 
  • Most importantly, you will contribute to impact change by raising awareness for the One Million Minds Campaign and getting more individual signatures for our petition. 

For more information, please contact us at