MS Hive – a new opportunity for young creatives


EMSP is delighted to announce the launch of the MS Hive, an initiative for young creatives to develop their own community projects and learn from experienced social entrepreneurs in creating a better tomorrow for the MS Community. The MS Hive is a place where great ideas begin, take shape, and are supported to take off.

The Launch of the MS Hive

This year, 2022, marks the European Year of Youth, highlighting the importance of engaging and supporting the young generation in building a better future. EMSP is devoted to ensuring that young people take an active role within the European MS movement as well as have a strong voice in determining their own objectives and priorities through different initiatives, such as the Young People’s Network, the EMSP Annual Conference, and many other.

This year also marks the official launch of the MS Hive, an opportunity for young people with MS, their allies, and people from all areas of life come together to develop innovative projects addressing the needs of the MS Community. Simply said, the MS Hive is an incubator, a place for the creation and development of projects based on social entrepreneurship and collaborative practices that can make a real impact in the lives of people with MS across Europe.

The MS Hive launch event took place on February 25 from 12:30- 13:30 CET. The event introduced the initiative as well as welcomed John Evoy, who shared his own experience in developing numerous community projects with the audience, and Bhagirathi Shah, a member of the EMSP Young People’s Network who talked about how she developed a community project through the MS Hive.

MS Hive Launch Webinar Screenshot

The MS Hive Learning Programme

EMSP has and will be supporting the Hive by sharing resources, training materials, and providing guidance in the development of innovative ideas. Moreover, members of the incubator can also benefit from coaching sessions with renowned members of the MS community & entrepreneurs. Similarly, EMSP will organise thematic events where members of the community can exchange ideas of best practices as a means of finding solutions to common challenges collectively.

In preparation for the launch of the MS Hive, EMSP organised a series of workshops in collaboration with Campaign Accelerator. This 6-month learning programme welcomed both young people and our member societies in coming together and developing community projects addressing the needs of the MS Community collectively with direct guidance and support from the team.

The Campaign Accelerator team was “very inspired to see this community of young patients embark on an impactful action learning journey. The campaigns they are putting together are building a better future for themselves and the next generation of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis”

– Matisse Bonzon, Campaign Accelerator

The Community Projects

The training programme had a great impact on the participants as well, leading to the development of three distinctive projects in the UK, Slovenia and Ukraine. One of the project leaders, Bhagirathi joined the launch event as well, sharing her own social entrepreneurship experience with the audience as well as tips for future members of the MS Hive!

“The workshops that EMSP held with Campaign Accelerator were one of my biggest highlights of 2021, I loved them! I’ve wanted to use my experience of having MS to help other people in the same boat for a long time, but didn’t really know how to or have the confidence to. I’m so grateful for the workshops for helping us connect with other young people with MS and believing in our ideas and for all the learning and encouragement. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it!”

– Bhagirathi Shah

Does this sound like an initiative you would like to be a part of as well? Then download the slides of the workshop, visit or dedicated webpage or contact Simina, EMSP’s Community Manager directly.

The MS Hive is a place where young people and their allies come together to find insightful and creative thinking, a place to inspire change and create a positive impact on the MS Community. Help us in bringing life-enhancing projects to reality!

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