Virtual World Café


Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science and research. Every March, organisations, individuals and a massive range of institutions run imaginative activities in their communities to share the wonders of the brain and the impact brain science has on our everyday lives. In 2024, EMSP hosted a Virtual World Café over lunchtime with some of our brilliant ambassadors, Donna Nahal from the UK, Nadja Stanojevic from Serbia and Nik Miškovič from Slovenia.

About the Virtual World Cafe

The World Cafe Method is a collaborative way of engaging people in meaningful conversations about topics that matter to them. It’s a way to create a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere that encourages people to share their thoughts and experiences.

With people from a range of countries and social groups it was an intense hour discussion! We had a short amount of time per topic, less than 20 minutes, for participants to share their thoughts. Topics of Employment and MS, Healthcare and MS and Accessibility and Stigma brought lively sessions amongst participants from across Europe. People quickly explored different perspectives and built on each other’s ideas. After a few rounds, we gathered in the larger group. The leaders shared their insights and reflections on what they heard, what people contributed and the issues important for people with multiple sclerosis.

After an intense hour of discussions, everyone had a better understanding of the issues for people across the region. Despite the variety of cultures and languages, it was the shared human experiences of grief, anger, and the astonishing power of the human spirit that shone through.

We in the EMSP team are immensely grateful to all the people who took part for their willingness to come on the World Café adventure with us. Watch out for more short, intense discussions on the issues that matter!

Slido word cloud about most important issues for people with MS in Europe
Part of the One Million Minds Campaign. This project is co-funded by Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Sanofi and Viatris. The industry partners are financial supporters who do not have any control on the governance of this activity.

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