EMSP MS Storytellers during Brain Awareness Week 2024

11.03.2024 Brain Awareness Week Get connected, Celebrate, Gain Awareness March 11-17 2024


During Brain Awareness Week 2024, EMSP is bringing you illustrated stories from people with MS from different countries, professions and economic backgrounds. From Monday 11th March we will highlight an issue that thousands of people with MS have experienced.

We begin (Day 1) with a young girl diagnosed with MS when they were in their teens; she is forced to question so many things about her life. Acknowledging that this is an experience people diagnosed with MS go through, no matter what age, we want to start the conversation here. On Day 2 we met Jacobo, diagnosed aged 22 and who, because of the inaccessible environment, was unable to continue doing the things he loved, like going to the theatre. Day 3 Hristina from Bulgaria was confronted with unfairness because of her MS with education opportunities severely curtailed or cut off! Eduard from Romania on Day 4 talked about the power of the MS community to support him through difficult times so he was reminded of the good things in life. We close Brain Awareness Week 2024, Day 5, with an illustration of Hayley from Scotland who had her career up-ended when she was told she couldn’t be a pilot.

The EMSP MS Storyteller campaign shows people with MS from across Europe & communicates, in a glance, the issues that they have dealt with in their lives. These are experiences many of the 1.2 million people with MS in Europe have dealt with in their own lives.

Please share with your network and support your national MS organisation.

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