Welcoming remarks from the President


As President of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, I would like to share both the Executive Committee’s and my enthusiasm and commitment in contributing to EMSP’s mission: improving the quality of life of people with MS across Europe for the upcoming 4 years.

We have major challenges ahead of us. In order to address those, we need our changing society, our politicians, but also the people affected by MS from all over Europe to join forces and build together a movement tailored to the present evolving times.

Through our advocacy activities we are able to positively influence European issues that affect people with MS and their entourage including access to health care, social and labour protection, access to therapeutic innovations, training, etc.-  This work will enable us to improve the quality of life of those affected by MS in Europe. Our challenge now is to mobilise partners and supporters to stand with us in our efforts. Thanks to the modern digital communication tools, we can reach out to  individuals, National MS Societies, politicians and a wide range of stakeholders to support our work. By connecting more closely with people, we will ensure a better representation of the needs of the people with MS as well as a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals . I hope that the MS community will become much more united within these four years.

We will work together with our member associations to achieve our objectives,. One of our mainpriority will be focused on supporting our member organisations and the associative movement in the coming years.

We believe that by understanding the realities, needs and challenges of people, we can improve  the quality of life as we have never done before. Our commitment to the development of MS registries, data collection and exchange between countries will be, a bid upon which we will rely in an innovative and enthusiastic manner.

Together we are stronger than MS!

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