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The Active & Mindful Project: Promoting Physical Activity and Wellbeing for People with MS


The Active & Mindful project is an initiative led by the University of Évora, in partnership with the Portuguese Multiple Sclerosis Society (SPEM) and the Asociación de Familiares y Afectados de Esclerosis Múltiple de Burgos (AFAEM) in Spain.

This innovative project, funded by the Erasmus+ Sports program, aims to improve physical activity levels, promote overall health, and enhance the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis residing in Portugal and Spain.

A Holistic Approach Delivered Virtually

The Active & Mindful project addresses the physical and mental needs of people living with MS through a digital, holistic approach. This strategy tackles common barriers to physical activity, such as limited access to information, a lack of adapted programs for specific symptoms, and practical challenges like travel time and financial constraints.

The project is led by a multidisciplinary team of experts, including exercise and psychomotricity specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists. This comprehensive approach ensures that activities are tailored to the individual functional status of each participant.

Maximising Reach Through Digitalisation

By leveraging the benefits of digitalisation, the Active & Mindful project offers online exercise sessions, expanding accessibility for people living with MS across both Portugal and Spain. In addition to live online sessions, a comprehensive online resource library will be created, featuring a portfolio of exercises (tai-chi, pilates, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises) with detailed instructions, images, videos, and audio recordings.

Accessibility and Dissemination

The online synchronous mind-body exercise program was launched in May 2024. Following this, asynchronous exercise materials will be made available online, allowing participants to choose activities that match their individual needs and abilities.

The project’s findings will be showcased at the upcoming Annual RIMS Conference in Hasselt, Belgium, in June 2024, through a dedicated poster presentation.

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