Thank you and Farewell for Christoph Thalheim


EMSP Statement

EMSP’s Executive Committee would like to inform you that after almost 20 years of fruitful and successful collaboration, Christoph Thalheim will be leaving his position at the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, effective as of 16th July. Christoph has served EMSP as Secretary General setting up the EMSP Secretariat in the Brussels arena as a strong patient voice and then as Director of External Affairs.

Farewell message from Christoph

“My main drive in my work for EMSP has always been to be able to contribute to sustainable improvements of the quality of life of MSers – directly or indirectly.

Looking backwards, I believe that the EMSP Team, its ExCom and myself have been successful in creating and running patient relevant projects together with our members and interested stakeholders. Many factors contributed to this success, but one stands out: Our focus on commonly identified overlapping interests with the healthcare industry and to acknowledge its role as vital partner of patient organisations!

Looking forward, I believe that EMSP can and will play a strong role in the further reduction of inequalities in access and care – for MS, but also for other chronic diseases through the European Patients Forum, the EMA and several other bodies. Common efforts in reshaping the base of optimized healthcare through real-world evidence data and a new focus on patient relevant outcomes will be necessary.”


EMSP would like to commend and thank Christoph for his commitment over the years driving the European MS Movement and building a solid foundation for the organisation to grow into a reliable and innovative partner for the key stakeholders while supporting the national MS societies advocacy work.

Thank you message from the EMSP President

“It has been an enormous privilege to work with Christoph and see how he led the patient advocacy in Brussels with a strong voice. Christoph turned a “kitchen table” organisation into a professional expert organisation. His relentless efforts supported by the Executive Committee have given EMSP and the MS Community the opportunity to lead on key priority areas for people affected by MS and on flagship innovative projects – such as the European MS register, the MS Barometer, the MS Nurse PROfessionals – bringing together a wide range of stakeholders. His impact goes beyond his day-to-day work, given the personal support he gave to the MS societies, his colleagues, and collaborators to deliver their promises to the people living with MS”. – Pedro Carrascal

The future of EMSP

Building up on EMSP 30 year of expertise and network of 43 national MS societies, we have confidence in our senior leadership and the vision of the Executive Committee to continue to deliver on our mission.

EMSP’s mission of improving the quality of life of people with MS across Europe is as relevant as ever during this global pandemic time and our efforts will focus on supporting the MS community throughout this difficult period.


On behalf of EMSP Executive Committee

Pedro Carrascal, EMSP President

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