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Romanian Youth with MS National Conference 2022


During November 18-20, 2022, the Romanian Association of Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases (APAN) organized the fifth edition of the Youth with MS National Conference in Brașov.

The target of the event was to strengthen an active community made up largely of newly diagnosed patients through formal and non-formal activities. The main objectives pursued during the event were the multilateral information on multiple sclerosis and the responsibility of the community regarding the support provided in a reciprocal manner to those who face the difficulties brought by the diagnosis.

“Big thanks to the organizers for the minute attention to details and the compassionate atmosphere!

I went to an event for sick people and found myself in a group of beautiful friends who never complain but put into use their inner resources to overcome the challenge that has come their way, and they bring out the best in them.” – Cristina Aoșan, M.D.

APAN Romania is a community made up mostly of patients, that uses humanitarian aid to strive and ensure support, access to information, improve the quality of life and respect the rights of patients living with multiple sclerosis.

“Multiple sclerosis is the most disabling diagnosis for young adults (18-40), sometimes it can be very difficult to manage, but here at APAN we want to focus on community, support, solutions, information, and a personalized, holistic and integrative approach.” – Eduard Andrei Pletea, APAN VP

During the event, several sessions were held including

  • two workshops with the theme “I am young and I have MS” (facilitators — Maria Duduman and Andreea Alionte);
  • a presentation about the importance of early (classical) treatment and adherence (Dr. Ramona Chiujdea, Brașov MS centre neurologist)
  • a presentation about integrative treatments (Dr. Cristina Aoșan, Dr. Ovidiu Tudor)
  • a presentation about nutrition (nutritionist technician Silvia Dinulescu ),
  • a presentation about the emotional implications connected to the diagnosis (integrative psychotherapist and clinical psychologist Georgiana Șoricića);
  • a presentation of the EMSP & Young People Network (Simina Peterfi);
  • two storytelling sessions in which both patients with a long history of the disease and newly diagnosed patients were invited to speak;
  • the “Future with MS” workshop.

At the event, APAN also selected a number patients who will benefit from psychotherapy and medical recovery services.

“(…)there was a lot of love and connection. This is coming from a semi-antisocial negative energy absorber. For the first time I was truly understood and helped in the way I needed to be; everyone was very close, it didn’t matter that 3 quarters of us were complete strangers, that you were a young rebel or old, tensions were released there, we all supported each other in every way, we had fun and treated each other in one way or another.” – Ștefania, MS patient

The event comes as a must for the MS patient community, as APAN wants to motivate young people with this diagnosis to get involved in activities both at national and European level, activities necessary to facilitate access to recent and relevant information on this disease; in awareness campaigns in support of all patients from a legislative point of view (better represented by the term “advocacy”) and beyond.

 “After this conference we are left with much hope and a community of young people optimistic about future with MS.” – Eduard Andrei Pletea,  APAN VP

“Going there having in mind to teach others what you know from a medical point of view, but to leave there enriched and educated in empathy, dedication, involvement, unity and last but not least about unconditional support shown to people in need … that’s what APAN and every initiative it has are all about!” – Ovidiu Tudor, M.D.

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