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Polish MS Society acknowledged at 90th anniversary of Polish Neurological Association


On 15 September, Polish Neurological Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Neurologiczne, PTN) celebrated its 90th anniversary at the Royal Palace in Warsaw. The event gathered many recognised neurologists from across the country and abroad. The ceremony was led by Professor Konrad Rejdak, a current President of Polish Neurological Association, together with Professor Alina Kułakowska, a President elect and professor Jarosław Sławek, a former President.

One of the people who helped to develop neurology in Poland was Józef Babiński (Joseph Babinski), born in France in a family of Polish immigrants. He was the first to describe the so-called Babinski reflex, which is now commonly checked during basic neurological examination. Babiński supported the activities of the Section of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Warsaw Medical Society. In 1933, the Polish Neurological Society was established.

The meeting on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of PTN began with a panel discussion on the current status of neurology in Poland. Neurology, next to cardiology and oncology, has become one of the priority fields in the Polish health care. In 2022, the Ministry of Health introduced several significant changes in the area of reimbursement and care for patients with neurological diseases in Poland, including multiple sclerosis. Currently all DMTs for MS registered in Europe are reimbursed in Poland, most of them as first-line treatment. Also in 2022, the Ministry of Health decided to reimburse satralizumab for patients with NMOSD.

Polish Neurological Association acknowledged people who supported its actions, and Tomasz Połeć, a President of Polish MS Society, was among honoured, receiving a medal for his activities. It shows the appreciation for many years of efforts of Polish MS Society to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with MS in Poland.

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