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Nordic youth making their dreams alive: A film on resilience and determination


“My dream is alive” is a short film co-produced by the Nordic countries’ youth representatives in cooperation with Nerd Productions. The 4-minute feature premiered at MS Sessions in Prague this past November. The reaction from the crowd was mixture of laughter and admiration for the young people in the film.  According to Ida Lorenzen, Danish representative to the in the Nordiska MS Rådet (NMSR), that the film “was produced with the hopes of opening people’s eyes by adding the emotional aspect on how it is to live life with multiple sclerosis today.” On the importance of representing the young people’s lives today, she says that the vision was “to show realistic portraits of the different faces sclerosis may have. The film must balance between neither being too negative nor too unrealistic positive.”

In terms of reach and impact, the hope for the film is to reach young people across the world; especially those who are newly diagnosed. To reassure them that they are not the only one who is young and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and that the diagnose isn’t the end of life, also that dreams still can be alive and reachable.

At the end of the screening, there were no dry eyes in the room. Judging from the reaction of the audience, it’s safe to say that the film packs a healthy dose of emotion. Congratulations to the Nordic youth involved with the film! We can’t wait to see you all achieve your dreams.




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