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Polish conference: Multiple sclerosis between art and science


EMSP’s members from the Polish MS Society (PTSR) participated in the Culture and Neuroscience conference organised by the National Gallery of Art. The event was focused on multiple sclerosis.

The conference took place between 21 and 23 October in Warsaw and brought together people living with MS in Poland, specialists in the field and artists.

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multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis event ‘Culture and Neuroscience’ at the Polish National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. Photo: Marek Krzyżanek.

Multiple sclerosis, art and science

According to the organisers, Culture and Neuroscience aimed to bridge the gap between art and science. The final objective: bringing benefits to neurological patients and their carers.

Culture and Neuroscience also featured artistic creations of patients. Iveta Pilařova (pictured below), a Czech artist living with MS since she was 18, was among the participants. She said that MS inspired her work.

multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis artists Iveta Pilařová at the ‘Culture and Neuroscience’ conference in the Polish National Gallery of Art. Photo: Marek Krzyżanek.

Under Pressure: Mother and daughter living with MS

To provide a complete picture of the challenges of MS, the organisers screened a short documentary which is part of EMSP’s Under Pressure project.

The video tells the story of a mother and daughter from Poland who have to manage the same disease: multiple sclerosis.

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