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Italy – Hard to reach: supporting people ignored by healthcare system


There are many people with multiple sclerosis and related conditions who are hardly known by healthcare systems. This happens for many different reasons, but these people, their families and caregivers still have needs and necessities.

AISM, the Italian MS Society and its Foundation (FISM) are in the middle of a crucial initiative – named “Hard to reach” and funded by the Italian Ministry of Health – to support people with multiple sclerosis and related disorders which are at risk of being “invisible”.

The main aim of the project is to identify the target population defined as “hard to reach,” with the collaboration of different networks such as clinical centers, social services and patients associations.

The second aim is to define the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of the “hard to reach” population, identify their main needs, and understand to what extent both public and private healthcare systems can meet the their needs.

The ultimate goal shall be to take their needs into consideration in healthcare plans, and to promote a full clinical and social inclusion, as stated in the Italian MS Agenda 2025.

The results will be presented to the Ministry of Health and collected in the next Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Barometer.

Meanwhile, on March 4, 5, and 8 the Italian MS Society’s volunteers will be all around the country with La Mela di AISM, to raise funds for research and services for people with MS and related disorders.

Photo Credits UNDER PRESSURE Spain 2011 @ Lurdes R. Basoli

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