EMSP’s reaction to the State of the European Union 2023: we need a Health Union which enhances opportunities for people with MS


On 13 September, Ursula van der Leyen President of the European Commission, has delivered her annual State of the European Union address at the European Parliament. She stressed the need for the European Union to work towards to ensure equitable, discrimination-free and accessible employment and healthcare to all.

EMSP fully supports such objective and Elisabeth Kasilingam, CEO of ESMP, said: “Today’s State of the European Union emphasises the need “to improve access to the labour market.” As people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, we fully support this goal. The challenges when seeking employment and the lack of workplace support are still appalling. EU institutions and Member States must work together to establish a Health Union that enhances social, economic, and employment opportunities for all individuals with MS.”

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