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EMSP Conference 2024: Brussels 19-20 April


Empowering Change: Join the EMSP Annual Conference 2024 to Advocate for Better Lives for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and similar conditions

Despite more than 1.2 million people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Europe and recent advancements in medical research, patients affected with multiple sclerosis still face significant challenges, impacting not only them but also their families and caregivers.

Join us on 19 and 20 April in Brussels at the EMSP Annual Conference 2024 to learn how the EU and national policies impact the quality of lives of people affected by MS and – neurological conditions and join the discussion to find concrete solutions.

Inequalities across Europe – Urgent Call for Actions

Primary issues faced by multiple sclerosis patients across Europe include the vast discrepancies in healthcare standards between countries. The EMSP MS Barometer sheds light on the stark reality that not all MS patients have equal access to timely diagnosis, treatment, and  care across Europe.

Despite the availability of treatments such as Disease-Modifying Drugs (DMDs), there remain inequalities in the accessibility and reimbursement policies for DMDs among Member states; this causes barriers for MS patients across Europe to access adequate and timely treatment. Rehabilitation services, crucial for managing MS symptoms, are often overlooked, with less than half of MS patients having access to physical rehabilitation and even fewer benefiting from psychological, cognitive and occupational rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the impact of multiple sclerosis extends beyond healthcare, affecting social inclusion, employment, and education. Many individuals with multiple sclerosis face challenges, barriers, in completing their education, maintaining employment, and accessing social support services. Only a handful of countries provide specific support for caregivers of children and adolescents with MS, highlighting the need for greater attention to the holistic needs of the MS community.  There is significant work to do to improve health and social care systems to ensure the proper care for people with chronic neurological conditions. We emphasise the need for tangible solutions to these inequalities that thousands of people in Europe experience daily.

The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform is campaigning for European policymakers to endorse the EMSP Manifesto and pledge to take action to address these systemic issues.

Sign the petition Quality Access to Care for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Conditions


Working Together on the Unmet Needs of People Living with Multiple Sclerosis and other related neurological conditions

The upcoming EMSP Annual Conference presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders, including MS community members, policymakers, and key opinion leaders, to come together and address these challenges. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, we can identify potential solutions and synergies for a multi-stakeholder approach for MS and related neurological conditions.

The conference will delve into crucial topics including advancement of research and development in MS and related conditions. Attendees will also hear about treatments, opportunities of digitalising healthcare in MS, the impact of (un)employment on people with MS and their carers, and social care support systems through a series of panel discussions and sessions with experts. People from the medical field, representatives from the national and European levels, as well as patients from the multiple sclerosis community are all due to be in attendance. This will allow us to define together both short-term interventions and long-term strategies to improve the quality of life for people affected by MS, their families and caregivers. We know that responses to MS impact on similar challenges faced by people with other neurological conditions.

 Join the Debate – Register for the EMSP Annual Conference 2024

The EMSP Annual Conference 2024 represents a crucial opportunity to address the inequalities in MS and other neurological conditions care and work towards a future where every individual affected receives the support and care they need. By participating in this conference, you will have the opportunity to learn about the issues faced by the MS community and contribute to finding solutions tailored to them.


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