EMSP 2016 Conference: Presentations


EMSP’s 2016 Spring Conference took place in Oslo, Norway on 17 and 18 May.

Below you can view and download the key presentations.

Presentations from Day 2

Challenges for MS nurses, by Nurse consultant Bernadette Porter

Motivation for focus on paediatric MS, by Neurologist Rogier Hintzen

Patient’s perspective on early intervention in MS, by MS advocate George Pepper

Mapping the genetic risks in MS, by Professor Hanne Harbo

Panel discussion on paediatric MS, by MSIF CEO Peer Baneke

Launch of EMSP’s Membership Communications Network, by EMSP Vice-President Christoph Lotter

The importance of early intervention in MS, by Clinician Øivind Torkildsen

Invisible facets of MS, by Neurologist Mar Tintore

Rehabilitation in MS, by Professor Antonie Beiske


Presentations from Day 1

Growing with MS, by MS champion Lori Schneider

Progress in the MS field, by Professor Eva Havrdova

Unmet needs of people with MS, by Professor Pasquale Calabrese

MS Workability, by EMSP Project Coordinator and The Work Foundation’s Antonella Cardone

MS Barometer and the Pan European Patients Survey, by EMSP Deputy CEO Christoph Thalheim

The Value of Treatment project, by European Brain Council’s (EBC) Vinciane Quoidbach

Health Technology Assessment study, by Health consultant Jean Mossman

Time Matters in MS study, by Gisela Kobelt

State of MS survey, by Mar Tintore

Global MS Consumer survey, by MS advocate Birgit Bauer

vsMS survey, by MS advocate Jacobo Santamarta Barral

Improving access to MS treatment in Europe, by CRA’s Anthony Barron

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