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Danish MS Society offers Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) training for MS patients


TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises) is a therapeutic method for relieving trauma and stress. The method was developed by David Berceli, an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. The method is taught in 40 countries, with 1.5 million people already benefiting from the exercise.

According to Michael Nissen, a psychologist of the Danish MS Society, one of the great benefits of TRE is that you can practice it on your own in your own home environment:

“Anyone can learn TRE in a few hours. What’s more, people with MS can practice it at home. This can help them get rid of stress and get their body relaxed”, affirmed Dr. Nissen.

He and his colleagues have been studying around 600 people with MS who undertook TRE training and they have registered very good results. Some people experienced the disappearance of their neurogenic pain while others have regained their sensation in areas where it was previously diminished. Some people have also experienced higher energy levels, which is very positive if you have fatigue.

“I’ve seen really good results with TRE in relation with spasticity. Some people with MS have experienced the complete disappearance of spasticity. And it makes sense since spasticity is defined as increased tension in the muscle and TRE helps the muscle to release this tension” explains Dr. Nissen.

Watch this video to learn more about TRE:

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