#BlackLivesMatter Statement


Just like our American friends and colleagues, we were appalled to see the wanton violence and disregard that led to the killing of George Floyd on the 25th May 2020 in Minneapolis, USA. People in Europe are joining the movement for justice as it sweeps across the world.

We can relate knowing how systemic inequalities and racism in education, employment, housing, and healthcare lead to social exclusion, greater barriers and poor health outcomes for black people with MS in Europe.

We are all affected when one person faces injustice and discrimination. We are dedicated to changing social policies and health systems for the betterment of everyone in the MS community.

EMSP reaffirms its commitment to all people with MS and we are part of the movement for justice and equality for all.

People living with MS with different levels of disabilities and of different racial and ethnic background. Text says hashtag We are all in this together.


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