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Ukrainian Community of Multiple Sclerosis
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Email: ucms.org@gmail.com
Language: English

National governmental website explaining the administrative procedure for migrants who want to enter the country or who are seeking asylum in the country.

Refugee status: how to apply for the refugee status and what are the requirements?
To have registration of the new country (address (friend’s, somebody else), med insurance, get money for refugees, find apartments and work (mb disability status)

Access healthcare: How to access healthcare services as a refugee?

Medical insurance:
What documents are needed to apply for medical insurance for Ukrainian refugees?

Duration on obtaining medical insurance
1-2 weeks

Coverage of medical insurance (including treatments for MS?)

Specialised MS care and treatments:
Where can people get specialised MS care? It is available, but no further information
What treatments for Multiple Sclerosis are available in Ukraine?
Germany – all, except: ublituximab.
Ukraine – interferons, fingolimod, mitocantrone, dymetyl fumarate

Clinical trials:
Do pharmaceutical companies allow/support patients to continue a clinical study which they started in Ukraine?
From Ukraine patient’s place in trials can be changed and replaced to another country. More info you can obtained from doctors or representatives of the pharma company and via Internet.

Disability status:
Where and how can Ukrainian refugees apply to get an official disabled status in Ukraine?

Benefits for people with disabilities:
Are there any benefits available for people with disabilities?