Ukrainian residents with MS relocating to Greece | Country-specific information


Клацніть тут, щоб ознайомитися з цією сторінкою українською мовою

Country-specific information for Ukrainian residents with MS relocating to Greece

MS Society Contact Details - Greek MS Society
  • Names Eva Ioannidou; Dimitra Kalogianni
  • Phone: 00302310949672
  • Email:
  • Languages: Greek, English
National governmental website explaining the administrative procedure for migrants who want to enter the country or who are seeking asylum in the country.

What documents are needed to apply for medical insurance for Ukrainian refugees?

Duration on obtaining medical insurance

Coverage of medical insurance (including treatments for MS?)

Where can people get specialised MS care?

  • In Public Hospitals, especially in big cities

What treatments for Multiple Sclerosis are available in Greece?

  • All the known and widely used medication

Do pharmaceutical companies allow/support patients to continue a clinical study which they started in Ukraine?

  • Not available

Where and how can Ukrainian refugees apply to get an official disabled status in Greece?

Are there any benefits available for people with disabilities?