Susanna Van Tonder EMSP Board Member

Susanna van Tonder

Susanna van Tonder was elected an EMSP Board Member in April 2022. She was diagnosed with MS in 2016 and she has joined the MS movement in 2017. Since 2018, Susanna has been a Board Member of the MS Society of Luxembourg. As of 2022, Susanna is also the Vice President of the MS Society of Luxembourg.

At EMSP, she has been an active member of the Young People’s Network since 2018 and she has also been a speaker on multiple EMSP conferences on a range of diverse topics.

At national level, she has been a Board Member of the Luxembourgish MS Society since 2018, a member of the Higher Council for People with Disabilities since 2019 and a member of the Special Reassessment Committee since 2021.

On international level, she has been a member of the Engagement Coordination Team of the multistakeholder global MS research project PROMS since 2020.

Susanna currently studies psychology at postgraduate level and works fulltime in school administration (admissions & administrative support).

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