World MS Day 2019


“MS is the same for everyone”. This and other myths about MS are busted as part of the World MS Day 2019 campaign. On the 30th May, #MyInvisibleMS campaign is raising awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and the unseen impact they have on the quality of life of people with MS.

We really like the Myths and Truth infographics from the MSIF (you can find posters and the campaign kit here). Comments such as “people with MS can’t work” to “a person with MS shouldn’t exercise” are challenged with the reality of MS. These posters send strong, clear messages on what MS is and what it means for people with the condition. If you are on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, are well connected with your local community, have a good group of workmates or if you want to get involved, World MS Day 2019 is a great opportunity to join in!

Everyone’s MS is unique. On this World MS Day, EMSP is part of the global MS community highlighting the unseen issues that seriously impact the lives of millions. Join the campaign, share your passion and together we will make sure the world knows more about the reality of life with MS.

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