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Value of Treatment


On 22 June the European Brain Council launched the policy White Paper of the research project on the Value of Treatment of Brain Disorders (VoT) in Europe. The paper is comprised of data collected data from 9 expert working groups, covering a wide range of mental and neurological disorders. The VoT study examined health gains and socio-economic impacts of best health interventions (pharmacological and psychosocial alike), and addressed the current early diagnosis and the treatment gap of the various brain disorders.

Multiple sclerosis represented one of the conditions that were part of the white paper, with EMSP being one the leading members of the working group. The MS care pathway was analysed, describing the major challenges and needs accompanying the patient’s disease course from onset to later stages.

The project and all communication from the conference highlighted the main issue: there is no cure for most brain disorders. More and better research is needed to develop treatments and to provide for earlier intervention.

For more information, we invite you to read the paper here.

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