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People with multiple sclerosis and neurological disorders demand Europe-wide actions to ensure quality access to care


Today, the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, which brings together 43 MS societies from 37 European countries, launched its European elections 2024 campaign “One Million Minds”. Campaign Manifesto lists specific demands towards European Union institutions and EU Member States to ensure quality access to care and improvement of their quality of live.

There are currently huge and unacceptable inequalities in the care of people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological conditions across Europe, in access to timely, appropriate healthcare, healthcare professionals and social support for people with MS and their carers.

According to EMSP’s 2020 MS Barometer:

  • over 1.2 million individuals live with MS in Europe.
  • every 5 minutes, someone, somewhere in the world is diagnosed with MS.
  • 43% of people with MS in Europe do not receive diseases-modifying drugs.
  • 52% of people with MS in Europe do not have access to physical rehabilitation services.
  • only 16 countries in Europe provide social support specific to carers of children and adolescents with MS.
  • only 48% of people with MS in Europe are in employment.
  • 65% of people with MS in Europe are not recorded on the national MS diseases registries.

Herbert Temmes, President of the EMSP, said:

“Inadequate standards of care cannot and will not be accepted.  The European Health Union which aims to better protect the health of the citizens does not meet the needs of people with MS and other neurological disorders. The European Union can and must roll-up its sleeves and act to ensure that our communities can truly live in the European Health Union which for now remains far from reality for our communities.”

During the “One Million Minds” campaign, the EMSP will be asking the candidates for the European Parliament 2024-2029 to sign the campaign Manifesto and to pledge to deliver tangible actions ensuring the needs of people with and affected by MS and other neurological disorder across Europe are met. Organisations and institutions will be able to endorse the Manifesto and add their voices and support to our demands. EMSP also launched an on-line petition asking individuals across Europe to back the campaign asks and to  build pressure on the EU and national authorities to guarantee quality access to care  for people with MS and other neurological disorders in Europe.

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