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Patients’ voice at EBC brain research seminar

04.03.2015 150303_EBC-news

EMSP’s partners from the European Brain Council (EBC) have joined the efforts to boost research in the field of brain diseases by organising a multi-stakeholder seminar, “Criteria for success: The future of collaborative brain research”.

The event took place on 3 March, in Brussels, and was attended by representatives of patient organisations and academia, as well as pharmaceutical companies and European Union institutions.

As the title suggests, EBC’s seminar proposed a debate on the different ways of achieving efficient collaboration between all the relevant parties involved in brain research. A particular highlight was the patients’ voice, with representatives of the Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe (GAMIAN) and Rare Diseases Europe (Eurodis) among the keynote speakers.

This was the first major event included in EBC’s Year of the Brain 2015 campaign.

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