MS Nurse Pro launched in Romania


EMSP’s online training programme dedicated to MS nurses is expanding. MS Nurse Professional was launched in Romania, the 10th country to adopt the project in recent years.

Find out more about EMSP’s programme and its reach here.

The event took place in the capital Bucharest on 27 April and was attended by a multi-stakeholder audience of patients and patient advocates, healthcare professionals and decision-makers and, of course, nurses.

EMSP was represented by Policy Affairs and External Affairs Coordinators Andreea Antonovici and Yves Brand, respectively.

They presented the training modules of MS Nurse Pro now also available in Romanian.

What comes next?

EMSP will make a new training module – on rehabilitation – available for the 3,000 MS nurses from across Europe enrolled in the programme.

Watch the video below to find out more about the future of our project:


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