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Greek Health Minister Commits to Creating MS Patient Registry in 2024


On 10 October 2023, representatives of the Hellenic Federation of Persons with MS (HFoPwMS) met Michalis Chrisochoidis, Greek Minister of Health.

This was an in-person meeting between the Minister, Moira Tzitzika and Marios Pachtsalidis (President and Vice-President of HFoPwMS) while many other board members joined by video call.

HFoPwMS submitted a Memorandum to the Minister with the main issues concerning individuals with Multiple Sclerosis in Greece.

One of the major points which HFoPwMS raised with the Minister was the establishment and operation of an MS Patient Registry.

The Minister expressed his support of the MS Patient Registry and indicated that it is a priority for the Ministry of Health. He also said that the project has already reached a certain level and that he will prioritise it in 2024.

An MS Patient Registry would collect data on all people with MS in Greece, including their demographics, medical history, and treatment outcomes. This data would be used to improve the understanding of MS, to inform policy and decision-making, and to develop new and better treatments for MS patients.

Minister’s comments are encouraging

HFoPwMS view Minister’s comments about the MS Patient Registry as very encouraging. There is a clear understanding of the importance of the registry by the Minister and he is committed to making it a reality. However, it is important to note that the Minister’s commitment is just a start. It is important for HFoPwMS to continue to work with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the registry is established and operated in a way that is beneficial to MS patients and the community as a whole.

How would the Registry improve the situation?

An MS Patient Registry would improve the situation for people with MS in Greece in various ways. It would provide a better understanding of the prevalence and characteristics of MS in Greece. The Registry will also help to identify areas where there is a need for improved services and support for MS patients and will facilitate clinical research on MS in Greece. The Registry would help to ensure that MS patients have access to the latest and most effective treatments.

Overall, the establishment and operation of an MS Patient Registry would be a significant step forward for people with MS in Greece.


The meeting was a step forward for people with MS in Greece and resulted in a commitment by the Health Minister to establish the MS Patient Registry in 2024. The MS Patient Registry will provide valuable data about the needs of MS patients in Greece, which can be used to inform policy and decision-making.

The Minister was receptive to the Federation’s concerns and made a number of commitments. HFoPwMS is committed to working with the Minister and other institutions to ensure that these commitments are fulfilled and that the situation for people with MS in Greece improves.

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