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From laboratory to your medicine: EMA’s new booklet explains it all


Have you ever wondered how a new medicine is approved for the treatment of your disease?  We have the answer. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a booklet describing the journey of medicine for human use, from initial research to discussions on patient access to medicines being available across the EU. Called “From laboratory to patient: the journey of a centrally authorized medicine” you can download it here.

If you prefer you can find out more by watching this YouTube video:

The booklet describes in detail how the EMA supports medicine development (by providing scientific advice & regulation) and how it assesses a medicine’s benefits and risks once it receives an application for marketing authorization.

All the steps involved in these processes, including the involvement of patients, healthcare professionals, and other external experts, as well as the principles guiding the scientific discussions, are clearly outlined.

This material definitely goes onto our must-read list! Learn more about how the EMA does its work and broaden your personal knowledge in this important field.

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