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EPF: Successful conclusion of Patient Empowerment campaign


EMSP’s partners from the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) concluded their one-year awareness-raising Patient Empowerment campaign with a high-level policy roundtable organised in the European Parliament in Brussels, on 22 June.

The event was hosted by supporting Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Karin Kadenbach, Andrey Kovatchev and Roberta Metsola.

epf event

Outcomes: Empowerment Charter and Roadmap

On this occasion EPF presented two of their most important campaign outcomes: the Charter on Patient Empowerment and the Roadmap for Actions.

The Charter defines the fundamental principles of patient empowerment from the patients’ perspective, and the Roadmap turns these principles into eight priority action areas that need to be taken at different levels in order to apply the principles in policy and practice.

EPF campaign in number

The campaign had also called for an EU Strategy on Patient Empowerment.

To further mark the conclusion of this landmark campaign, EPF had a booth in the European Parliament during the plenary session of the European Health Parliament on 29 June.

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