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EMSP endorses Gamian Europe’s Call to Action


EMSP, as a patient organization advocating on the importance on patient empowerment and the need for a patient centered approach, is pleased to endorse the Call the Action to healthcare professionals to Improving patient empowerment and self-management of care in mental health.

This Call to Action urges health care professionals to take measures to stimulate the empowerment of those affected by mental ill-health and to recognize the vital role they can play in the management of their treatment and care.

27 % of the European (EU, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway) adult population experience mental disorders every year. Good mental health is increasingly recognized as important for economic growth and social development. However, across the EU, there is a lack of adequate mental health services and support available.

This Call to Action highlights what can be done by health care professionals to empower persons affected by mental ill-health and to engage them as partners in care. EMSP, as a healthcare organization, recognizes the importance of this matter and we are devoting our full support to Gamian Europe and this Call to Action.


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