Ukrainian residents with MS relocating to Belarus | Country-specific information


Клацніть тут, щоб ознайомитися з цією сторінкою українською мовою
Country-specific information for Ukrainian residents with MS relocating to Belarus

Refugee status is available. People with MS need to firstly address the border services or directly go to the governmental institutions of Minsk, Gomel, Moguilev (depending on territory that you are).
People with MS need to complete required documents:
  • Passport or ID valid and duly identifiable;
  • Approval of your civil state i.e. marriage certificate, adoption etc;
  • Education i.e. diplomas, certifications etc;
  • Working experience i.e. labor book; Certifications of your political and/or social status;
  • Any other relevant documents from country/ies that you resided previously.
What documents are needed to apply for medical insurance for Ukrainian refugees?
  • Certification of your refugee status with a copy of discussion with authorities
Duration on obtaining medical insurance:
  • Generally it's fast up to 1 month
Coverage of medical insurance (including treatments for MS?):
  • Basic medical care plus basic medication, any extra need to be approved by governmental commission including MS care
Where can people get specialised MS care?
  • Mostly in state hospitals, otherwise privately.
What treatments for Multiple Sclerosis are available in Belarus?
  • Cortycotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Aqua-therapy
  • Criotherapy
  • Transplantations of various sort are private.
Do pharmaceutical companies allow/support patients to continue a clinical study which they started in Ukraine?
  • There is no support.
Where and how can Ukrainian refugees apply to get official disabled status in Belarus?
Are there any benefits available for people with disabilities?
  • There are no special benefits available.