Who endorsed “One Million Minds” campaign


List of organisations which endorsed EMPS’s “One Million Campaign” and its Manifesto

European Disability Forum LogoEuropean Disability Forum (EDF)

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is an umbrella organisation of persons with disabilities. They bring together representative organisations of persons with disabilities from across Europe. They defend the interests of more than 100 million persons with disabilities in Europe. They are run by persons with disabilities and their families. They are a strong united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe.

Catherine Naughton, European Disability Forum’s Executive Director said:

“The disability movement’s experience is clear: a united voice with clear demands is the best way to achieve political change. The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform Manifesto is an excellent example of a document that can achieve change, with clear demands for much-needed change.”


ECTRIMS LogoECTRIMS (The European Committee for Treatment and Research In Multiple Sclerosis)

The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) is a non-profit organisation and an independent representative European-wide organisation devoted to multiple sclerosis (MS). It serves as Europe’s and the world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to the understanding and treatment of MS.


MSIF LogoMS International Federation (MSIF)

MSIF is the global movement of MS organisations, by and for people affected by MS. We network, learn from each other, mobilise and enable global collaborations, to achieve the vital goals that can only be reached by coming together as a movement. We, the Federation, are made up of national MS organisations (including their staff, volunteers and MS communities), the MSIF staff, board and committees.

European Brain Council (EBC)European Brain Council Logo

The European Brain Council (EBC) is a network of key players in the “Brain Area”, with a membership encompassing scientific societies, patient organisations, professional societies and industry partners. The organisation is based in Brussels with its main mission is to promote brain research with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the estimated 179 million Europeans living with brain conditions, mental and neurological alike.