Employment Pact


Whether you represent a small or medium size business or are part of a larger multi-national organisation, the Pact is a step towards recognising the value and importance of policies that enhance workplace health and promote diversity.

MEP Adam Kosa is supporting EMSP's Employment Pact

Adam Kosa – EU’s first deaf MEP – is supporting EMSP’s Employment Pact

Successful businesses depend on the skills, motivation and wellbeing of their staff. By proactively supporting this Pact, as business leaders, you are demonstrating your commitment to creating a healthy workplace for all. Good workplace policies focused on health improve an individual’s quality of life while promoting better health and increasing productivity.

“Access to decent work through changes in policy, workplace and social education transforms lives. People can escape the vicious circle of social exclusion, marginalisation and poverty”

International Labour Organisation, 2014

Pact Photo