Call to Action


Now is the time to act!

Show your support and sign the Pact.

Leading from the front

Since the launch at a dynamic event in the European Parliament, EMSP has been calling on European decision-makers and employers large and small to endorse the European Employment Pact for people with multiple sclerosis. Those who adopt the Pact tangibly demonstrate their commitment in practice as well as in principle to being employers of excellence and to ensuring that they fully support workplace health and promote diversity.

EMSP is a values-driven organisation and we believe in leading by example – in this instance by publicly committing to adopt the PACT ourselves and to doing everything we can to make sure that people with multiple sclerosis in Europe benefit from the widespread implementation of the action it requires.

We hope that this commitment will inspire our members, other NGOs, employers and public bodies to take up this challenge and in so doing, ensure that the win-win message for employees and employers of being a Pact adopter is rapidly spread throughout Europe.

Maggie Alexander

EMSP Chief Executive

August 2015